Tekminimal Gallery,

August 2017

'TWEEKEND' is an ecstatic and fantastical stomping ground by André Shannon and Jack Atherton that merges strange video artworks, a haunted construction site, and heavy doses of pulsating humour. It’s a place that feels plonked on a turbulent vibrating platform, inviting viewers onto a ride.

Through specific set design and video work, André Shannon and Jack Atherton aim to contain the general reactiveness that people feel towards construction and development, injecting their trademark strange humour in an exciting new visiting place. This show aims to absorb viewers in a cinematic wonderland fitted out with lights and motion. The show will feature appearances by Jack and André, new video works, and a bulging energy struck by fear, boredom, restlessness and general confusion. The show is almost like a melting present day playground. It’s a place inspired by the psycho-geography of Sydney, as if the city is bound to a prognostication that will never be fulfilled.

Jack and André’s work attempts to convince us of the strength of merging everyday perceptions with cinematic visuals to reach a fantasy utopia. This time, this utopia is Tweekend. The artists hope that if people enjoy their work they’ll find inspiration from Laure Provost, Wolfgang Tillmans, and Tracey Moffat.

Work featuring performance with Ellie Bailey and live sets from DJ Candy + Sweetie