Group Show Exhibition at The Shop Gallery Glebe
Thursday 30th November – Wednesday 6th December
2 ROOMS (31 sq metres and 20 sq metres)

GREENLIGHT is a group show at TSG in Glebe - for one week only - of exciting new art works. If you’re a filmmaker, writer, painter, sculptor, performer, collage cutter or music maker or cook, or anything outside or in between GREENLIGHT would love to put you on display. The aim of the show is to bring together mixed types of work under the mantra that creative energy brings people together. If you have work in the vault, in the oven, or fresh from another show you are welcome to show. GREENLIGHT is a project designed to highlight the friction caused by different practices coming together in unison, and exploring how they can work in sync.

The gallery space has been booked for 7 whole days. This is going to be a show that values expression over anything the current canon is saying. If you feel left out of the art convo or have wanted to experiment with a new style let this be the space. No amount of experience or expertise is required; anyone is welcome as long as they have something to show.

The gallery space has been booked for a fee of $600, so the number of people who would like to be involved will determine how much submission will cost. In my mind I imagined that 20 artists contributing will mean we each only pay $30 for a week of exhibition, but the aim of the show is to make it the most cost effective as possible by welcoming as much talent as possible; the more inclusive we are means the less people have to pay.

On top of this GREENLIGHT is 100% committed to showing work from a wide range of backgrounds, so while the show is open to anyone who is eager we must make a commitment to show works from those who aren’t represented in the mainstream. All works must be respectful and appropriate – so no racism, sexism, homophobia, or any form of discrimination. If we band together we can set a space on fire with what you’ve always wanted to show but haven’t had the chance to do so.


Freya Aisbitt

Blake Wilson

Ellie Bailey

Keanu Hoi

Justyna Stanczew
Lou Dietz Henderson

Candy Meyn

Jen Atherton

Amiera Piscopo

Khadija Aden Ali

Louise Dwy

Max Boutwell Draper

André Shannon

Rat Babs

Lily Bennett

Rex Woods

Maddy McWilliam

Rowan Yeomans

Emily Bollington

Evie Friedrich

Claire Angelica